Our Mission

We assist our clients in creating unique and innovative solutions to meet their particular needs.

We will bring understanding and empathy to the process, both for all you are going through, but equally important, for what your children are going through.We are dedicated to helping couples heal conflicts and focus on their future.

For couples with children we help accomplish this goal by facilitating child-centered solutions. We support all our clients to stay future focused and make informed decisions regarding their family.

We live our lives, both professional and personal, with optimism, compassion and integrity. Our vision is to empower our clients to have ownership in the decisions they make for their families now and in the future.

We are dedicated professionals who ensure our clients feel their concerns will be heard as well as respected during the mediation process. By using some past experiences, innovation and a sense of humor we will ensure the mediation process is productive.

Our practice gives families a new set of skills to empower and strengthen them to better cope with future challenges.

Supportive sound solutions

Our team

  • Shannon Vajda, CEO

    Shannon is the CEO and Founder of Pacific Coast Mediation and Pacific Coast Advocates (Pacific Coast Partnership, Inc.). Shannon is a proud mother of 3! Her two sons' are in college and her daughter is in law school. She has a passion for helping couples find the best solutions for their particular needs as peaceful as possible. Shannon is also a Nationally Certified Mediator Trainer (NCMT).

  • DaLaura Kader, COO, NCMT

    DaLaura graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Calgary in 1991 and her law degree from the University of Alberta in 1993. DaLaura also is a Nationally Certified Mediator Trainer. Through her many years of experience working with people in a variety of settings, she developed a fundamental belief in the value of mediation as both a means of conflict resolution and as a valuable tool for effective negotiations.

  • Kevin Kellar, Esq.

    Kevin's mission statement is "To provide excellent representation for clients with compassion, integrity and respect. To serve the greater San Diego community through a commitment to charitable participation and giving."

  • Frann Setzer, Esq.

    As a Family Law Specialist, Frann sat for a second bar exam that focused solely family law and is certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Frann practices exclusively in the area of family law, dealing in complex custody, support and property matters related to dissolution. Frann believes family law attorneys have an obligation to preserve relationships and conserve the client’s assets.

  • Jackie Mazur, CDFA,CFP

    A financial veteran, beginning her career in finance in 2003, Jackie advises clients in areas of financial planning including personal financial planning, asset management, retirement accumulation and distribution planning, inheritance and gift planning, and risk management. Jackie also works with individuals, family law attorneys and mediators on financial matters relating to divorce.

  • Michael Christy, Esq.

    Michael specializes in practicing all aspects of family law, including complex child custody disputes, child and spousal support issues, property division, post-judgment modification proceedings, and domestic violence restraining orders. He began his legal career as an Assistant Staff Judge Advocate (JAG) in the United States Air Force where he served on active duty until April of 2003.

  • Laurie Itkin, CDFA

    Laurie is a financial advisor and wealth manager at Coastwise Capital Group, an award-winning boutique money management firm in La Jolla, California, where she serves clients throughout the country. Through her separate company, The Options Lady, she serves as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and provides analysis of the financial and tax impacts of proposed settlement options being considered by divorcing couples.

  • Alair Olson, MFT

    Alair is a licensed marriage and family therapist working with couples and families in her private practice. Her mission is to come alongside parents and partners, kids and adults – to sit with them and hear their pain, create a safe place for restoration to unfold, and to help them find wholeness in all areas of life.

  • Jessica Grynberg, Esq.

    Jessica Grynberg holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Anthropology from Boston University and a Juris Doctor from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York City. Ms. Grynberg attended law school on a full-tuition merit scholarship. She graduated law school with concentrations in both Litigation and Family Law.