Top Tips to Prepare For A Divorce – A Beginner’s Guide

tax-468440_1280Nobody goes into a marriage thinking they will get a divorce. And then,….there you are, faced with the worst. If you have never been here before, and even if you have, it may be a confusing place to be. In addition to all the emotional tumult, there are technical issues to consider…fiduciary duties….general restraining orders…etc. etc. Even without children it can be an overwhelming and daunting process. The bottom line is that if you are considering a divorce, you must prepare for a divorce. Otherwise, it will feel like a wave overtaking you and sweeping you away.

Top Tips to Prepare For A Divorce

  1. Collect your documents: This has to be #1. Why? Because it is tedious and awful and burdensome even in the easiest of circumstances. Further, in the state of California, it has to be done. No matter how you proceed in the divorce, you will need to exchange financial documents. If you are the spouse that doesn’t take care of the money, start making photocopies and uploading important documents onto thumb drives.
  2. Get informed: Do your research. A good place to start is the California Courts website. Know about costs and options going in. If you want to prepare for a divorce you must realize that knowledge is power and the more informed you get, the more you take the power out of the mysterious unknown.
  3. Start a dialogue: Once you discuss divorce with your spouse, you can discuss methods of divorce. If you can begin a dialogue, you can consider saner options than litigation…like mediation. Prepare for the conversation.
  4. Consider the children: This goes with the above. If you guys can come to the table, you have a shot at crafting a solid future for your children. If you have any doubts about the negative impact to your children, don’t hesitate to contact a therapist so your children will have a safe place to process the changes.
  5. Take care of yourself: Even if this was your idea, divorce is never fun. Take time out of this hectic process to breathe and do something nice for yourself. You need it.

With these tips in your pocket, you won’t need to worry about the tidal wave of divorce. You can pick up your surfboard and ride the wave to the shore your your new life.