What Are the Roles of a Divorce Mediator?

Man and Woman Shaking Hands - Best Divorce Mediator Near MeIf you are thinking of scheduling a divorce mediation session, you are about to take a step forward in coping with the divorce, and securing a stable future for yourself and your children after the divorce. You want to choose a divorce mediator San Diego residents know and trust. Just typing “best divorce mediator near me” in search may not be enough, though.

What you should do is get informed of the roles of a divorce mediator. Only then can you assess different mediators according to how effectively they will fulfill these roles to your greatest advantage.

Here are the essential roles of divorce mediators.

Help the parties reach a mutually beneficial solution

If you’re searching “the best divorce mediator near me” in your browser, and will settle with nothing less, you have to be aware of the first and most important role of a divorce mediator. We’re talking about making sure that the parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

It is a divorce mediator’s responsibility to provide an environment where reaching a mutually beneficial solution is possible. For this reason, Pacific Coast Mediation provides a unique form of divorce mediation – team divorce mediation. We have discovered that having a male and female mediators present is a setting conducive to productive discussion, and a mutually beneficial solution as a result.

Help the parties stay child-centered

Divorce and co-parenting are intimately connected. Regardless of the fact that parents want what’s best for their children by default, they sometimes need reminding that this fact should guide most of their decisions. Divorce is never easy, no matter how amicable. The parties may have a very hard time coping with the idea of their life after the divorce, a fear and panic that may prevent them from being as objective as necessary. This is where a divorce mediator steps in.

An excellent divorce mediator will gently (but consistently) remind the parties of the most important aspect of the discussion – their children.

Help the parties communicate effectively

A divorce mediator has to make sure neither side dominates the conversation. They have to assign enough time and space to both parties to express themselves. While the parties have shown signs of good will by agreeing to divorce mediation, they may still lack communicative skills, so it’s the mediators’ role to guide them.

It is also the role of divorce mediators to ensure the conversation doesn’t stray away from the most important aspects. For example, for couples with children, staying child-centered is very important.

Provide legal information, not advice

Some clients wrongly assume that divorce mediators will advise them on their individual legal rights or proposal. This is not the role of a divorce mediator. Instead, divorce mediators provide legal INFORMATION. They inform and educate the parties about the options they have, legally, but do not advise them how to use the information to support one party’s proposal.

The best divorce mediator will be so good an educator that the parties will feel comfortable making their own informed decisions. Divorce mediators ought to remain objective, unbiased, and refrain from providing explicit legal advice.

Help the parties craft the terms of the MSA agreement

Alongside providing legal information and discussing various options available to the parties, a divorce mediator also helps the parties craft the terms of a Martial Service Agreement (MSA). This is a contract which outlines the agreements regarding the division of all assets, debts, property and support. The role of the mediator is to help the parties agree on the mutually beneficial terms.

Best Divorce Mediator near me, and much more

Pacific Coast Mediation provides team divorce mediation, including in-person and online divorce mediation. Our mediators are compassionate yet objective, experienced and qualified to help you go through the divorce mediation process as a team, sharing common goals. We provide a safe environment for you to express your needs and preferences. We also provide guidance to parties so they can find a compromise they will both be equally satisfied with.

Reach out to PCM today and choose empowerment through resolution.