Advantages of Online Divorce Mediation

Woman on an online call - Divorce mediation onlineDivorce is an emotionally draining experience for the spouses, and for the entire family as well. Now imagine the spouses in the divorce process living in different cities, or even different states.

The entire process becomes all the more difficult, and even if you choose mediation to ease the process, it may be difficult for San Diego mediation divorce services to be as effective as with spouses living in the same area. Luckily, divorce mediation online services exist for that reason, so let’s look what these services are, as well as their benefits.

What is online divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation online is quite similar to in-person divorce mediation, possessing all the basic characteristics except the participants being physically in the same room.

It is an ideal tool for couples going through a divorce, but for whom it is either difficult to coordinate personal schedules, or who have come to live in different areas.

Online divorce mediation bypasses all of the problems, and allows the extremely helpful mediation process to take place, even when it’s not possible to do so face to face. Divorce mediation online services helps when traditional mediation can’t, and it makes conflict resolution possible wherever the spouses may be.


The primary benefit of divorce mediation online services is the convenience of the entire process. As mentioned before, the spouses may have difficulties finding time in their busy schedules, or they have started living in different places.

Online divorce mediation provides clients with the possibility of arranging a mediation session that suits all the parties involved. The time frame can be easily modified, while the place where the session takes place is an online platform, such as is a platform used by Pacific Coast Mediation because it guarantees security. Unlike Skype, it is approved by the ABA. It means that our clients can complete their divorce mediation sessions in the privacy of their own home, all the while knowing the information and documents they share are completely safe and secure.

Cost effectiveness

Divorce mediation can be a costly process, not so much because of the cost of the service but additional costs such as travel expenses, the potential need to miss work, or the cost of hiring childcare.

Online mediation costs less, as you can completely eliminate the potential additional expenses from the equation. What’s more, the secure platforms used for divorce mediation online services are completely free.

That leaves you with just the basic cost of hiring an experienced team of mediators to help you through the divorce process.

Ease of use

Platforms used for online mediation, such as the Zoom platform, are extremely easy to use, install, and download. It allows you to both see your team of mediators, as well as your spouse, and to be as actively involved in the mediation process as you would be in an in-person environment.

Another aspect of online mediation that eases the entire experience is the feature of online platforms that allows for online sharing of important documents. Because the platforms are completely secure, there is no need to worry about your documents being exploited. The availability of important documents at any time also facilitates the discussion and review processes.

Helps individuals with disabilities

If one or both spouses are suffering from a medical condition that hinders or completely prevents them from leaving their homes, divorce mediation online services are an ideal way to circle around these limitations.

By being able to participate in the divorce mediation process from the comfort of their own homes, people with disabilities are free from the added stress of organizing transportation to every mediation session.


There are many different reasons for filing for divorce, and not all of the divorce experiences are amicable. There can be instances of pressure, intimidation, and even violence from one spouse to the other. One party may feel uneasy participating in face-to-face mediation if the circumstances are as such.

Online divorce mediation can empower both parties to freely exercise their right to have their part of the story heard, without being in the same room.

Best divorce mediation online services

Divorce is stressful enough, even if everything goes as smoothly as possible. If it doesn’t, however, and if there are problems with conflicting spousal schedules or physical distance between the spouses, the stress of the experience increases manifold.

That is why Pacific Coast Mediation is different. We employ an approach where a skilled and experienced team of mediators is present during every session, with both the male and female mediator participating. We retain this practice with online divorce mediation as well. So, if online mediation is your choice, let your choice be Pacific Coast Mediation too!