divorce mediators near meGoing through divorce affects the whole family, both the couple and their children. Some divorcing spouses manage to stay in control of the process, but for some, as time passes, it becomes harder and harder to communicate calmly and openly. Divorce mediators in San Diego can offer valuable advice on how to approach the situation. They take part in the process, offering much-needed assistance, especially when it comes to child custody. If you find yourself googling “divorce mediators near me” from your San Diego home or office, don’t worry, help is closer than you think.

Child custody – the basics

  1. There are two types of child custody:
    1. Sole custody is a form which grants one parent both legal and physical custody over the child. In the court of law, a sole custody option is not preferred, and it’s granted only when one of the parents is proven to be unfit for child care.
  2. Joint custody represents a scenario in which the parents share legal and/or physical custody of the child. Joint legal and physical custody is a court-preferred option, as it allows both parents to be involved in the child’s life, making decisions together.

Negotiating child custody

When negotiating child custody with your former spouse, it is important to stay calm and try to be as objective as possible. Negotiations aren’t always running smoothly, but the parents need to make a joint effort and keep in mind that they both want only the best for their children. When negotiating, focus on the following:
1. Objectively evaluate your former spouse’s parental abilities. Even if your relationship with a former partner is far from perfect, try to stay objective. If your spouse was a loving and caring parent, although they fell short as a husband or a wife, your child would surely benefit from having you both involved in their life.

  1. Stay calm. You and your former spouse may try to emphasize why the child should be left in your care a bit too harshly, and the situation can easily get out of hand. If negotiations become heated, they may grow into an argument, which will reduce the chances of reaching the best solution for the child.
  2. Make a strong case. If you believe you should be the parent who gets the full custody, make a list of arguments supporting you approach. For example, you have been the child’s primary caregiver up until that point: fed them, took them to school, helped with the homework, took them to the doctor’s etc. Focus on your strongest traits as a parent. If you have any reason to believe the other parent is unfit, make sure you provide relevant examples and, if possible, evidence that support your claims.
  3. Hire a divorce mediator. An impartial third-person-view on the matter can be of great help in the negotiation process. Hiring a professional mediator will ease up the tension and help keep the negotiation flow unobstructed. “Where can I find the most reliable divorce mediators near me?” We have the answer to that question.

Who are the most competent divorce mediators near me?

“I have no experience with divorce mediators near me. What should I do?” When negotiating your divorce and child custody becomes overwhelming, the right call can make a very meaningful change. A good mediator is an emphatic, patient and experienced professional who’ll step in, settle the situation, and help you and your former partner make the best decisions for your children. Pacific Coast Mediation team is here to look out for your family. You have a busy schedule? Contact us today, and find out more about our online mediation session program.