Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Mediator

questions to ask a potential divorce mediatorGoing through a divorce is an emotional and challenging situation with many difficult decisions to be made. As a service that helps you peacefully reach a mutually beneficial agreement, mediation can balance this exhausting experience by providing both parties involved with professional guidance through conflict resolution.

By looking for a divorce mediator in San Diego, CA, you have probably already found basic information about the procedure and how it looks like. Having in mind the delicate nature of the entire process, it is only natural that, even if you are already considering the possibility of mediation, many questions to ask a potential divorce mediator arise. Here, we will answer some of them.

How can mediation actually help through divorce?

Mediation is an informal process, but its structure and the fact it is led by trained mediators help keeping focus on the most important issues, which is quite important when dealing with sensitive moments in one’s life. The sole fact both parties have agreed to voluntarily meet in order to resolve issues between them is an advantage relative to litigation.

The mediators are impartial – they take no one’s side – as opposed to lawyers that each side would have hired in a court. These are all advantages that help individuals going through a divorce feel protected and in control over the situation, which leads to a better probability of reaching an agreement faster.

How does mediation work when spouses live apart?

Organization of everyone’s presence during mediation is a common question to ask a potential divorce mediator. Technically, this can be a challenging situation with different working hours and private errands, and even more so if parties now live in different cities or countries.

Online divorce mediator services are a perfect solution in these cases – by using Live Video Conferences, all participants can be in privacy of their familiar surroundings, which helps feeling secure during the process of negotiating divorce terms.

Pacific Coast Mediation offers this cost effective option with licensed attorneys in California acting as attorney mediators, while both female and male mediators are present in order to prevent any gender bias.

How to prepare for divorce mediation?

As you approach the decision to schedule a mediation session, chances are the topic of preparation will appear among the questions to ask a potential divorce mediator. If you chose Pacific Coast Mediation, there is no need to bring anything to the free consultations.

However, readiness of all partakers to be active in resolving their disputes towards a mutually beneficial agreement is an important part of the equation. This is why, once you select Pacific Coast Mediation, the case manager will make sure you are prepared and have everything you need for the session.

What if I have more questions to ask a potential divorce mediator?

It is completely normal, even desirable that you want to know as much as possible about the process dealing with the most personal issues and information about your life. At Pacific Coast Meditation, you can schedule free consultations where we can address all dilemmas and insecurities you might have regarding mediation before the procedure begins.

General advice is to observe mediation as a chance to negotiate, not argue. Use it as a safe space that allows expressing emotions and worries in a private surrounding, guided by professional divorce mediators there to help reach a beneficial agreement for all participants.