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Stock Compensation Classification & Valuation

classification of stocks

Dividing stock compensation during the divorce process is one of the most complex issues clients face and it is important divorcing parties seek the proper advice and expertise.   Within this article the term “stock options” and “stock compensation” ar… Read more [+]

Date of Separation and the Mediation Process

date of separation

In some dissolutions, the date that parties separate is a crucial issue.  This is because by law, the marital ‘community’ ends on the day when parties separate.   The end of the marital community means that income earned or possibly property purchased… Read more [+]

Tools For Divorced Families

tools for divorced families

The transition of divorce/separation is monumental, affecting every aspect of life and requiring attention and care to a multitude of details and variables.  Custody, visitation schedules, dividing assets, moving, deciding who gets what, sharing the ne… Read more [+]

Blueprint – Divorce Narrative

Divorce Narrative

I hope the questions from the last blog post were helpful in considering how you want your children to hear the news that your relationship is ending/has already ended.  I think this is one of the last conversations a parent wants to have with his or h… Read more [+]

Talking About Divorce

Q&A:  We’re getting a divorce and we haven’t told our kids yet.  When should we do that?  And better yet:  how should we do that? I’ve worked with quite a few families who are entering (or in the midst of) the process of divorce, and I think this i… Read more [+]

Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders: What You Need to Know

Most people don’t realize that when they file the paperwork for a divorce, in California, automatic temporary restraining orders (TROs) are triggered. One of the initial forms that you must file is the Summons, otherwise known as FL-110. The second pag… Read more [+]

Divorce Spikes Twice A Year, Study Says

A new study just out confirms what those of us in the industry already knew about…..divorce spikes at certain times of the year, you can bank on it! The University of Washington asked the question, Is Divorce Seasonal?…the answer is yes, yes it is…. Read more [+]

“Divorce” TV Show Highlights Mediation

I have a terrible habit I have to admit to you. I love television. I grew up in the 1980s. What can I say? That is why I get excited when I see a new show on television and especially excited when it is  in our industry. A “Divorce” TV show has me intr… Read more [+]

What is A Parenting Coordinator? Is it right for us?

A Parenting Coordinator, like the concept of nesting discussed in a previous blog, is a tool used more often in the mediation room than the courtroom. Yet, it is one that can make all the difference if there is contention surrounding the parenting of y… Read more [+]

Top Tips to Prepare For A Divorce – A Beginner’s Guide

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking they will get a divorce. And then,….there you are, faced with the worst. If you have never been here before, and even if you have, it may be a confusing place to be. In addition to all the emotional tumult, there… Read more [+]