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Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Mediator

questions to ask a potential divorce mediator

Going through a divorce is an emotional and challenging situation with many difficult decisions to be made. As a service that helps you peacefully reach a mutually beneficial agreement, mediation can balance this exhausting experience by providing both… Read more [+]

divorce mediators near me

Going through divorce affects the whole family, both the couple and their children. Some divorcing spouses manage to stay in control of the process, but for some, as time passes, it becomes harder and harder to communicate calmly and openly. Divorce me… Read more [+]

Advantages of Online Divorce Mediation

Woman on an online call - Divorce mediation online

Divorce is an emotionally draining experience for the spouses, and for the entire family as well. Now imagine the spouses in the divorce process living in different cities, or even different states. The entire process becomes all the more difficult, an… Read more [+]

What Happens in Divorce Mediation?

Couple hiding faces with question marks - What happens in divorce mediation

Understanding what San Diego divorce mediation services entail can seem daunting at first. It’s natural, since divorce mediation is still unfamiliar to many people. Some people don’t even know that there’s no need to enter a litigation to make sure the… Read more [+]

How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Man sitting and writing - How to prepare for divorce mediation

If you are going through a divorce, you definitely want to consider divorce mediation services San Diego couples rely on to help them reach mutually beneficial agreements. Divorce is a complicated time, both from an emotional and practical standpoint,… Read more [+]

What Are the Roles of a Divorce Mediator?

Man and Woman Shaking Hands - Best Divorce Mediator Near Me

If you are thinking of scheduling a divorce mediation session, you are about to take a step forward in coping with the divorce, and securing a stable future for yourself and your children after the divorce. You want to choose a divorce mediator San Die… Read more [+]

Divorce Mediation Is the Time to Establish Co-Parenting Rules

Parents holding hands of little baby daughter - Divorce and Co-Parenting

Divorce is an unsettling time for both the partners who grew apart and especially (and often even more so) – for their children. Prior to deciding to get a divorce, parents may have argued in front of their children, or otherwise not knowingly made the… Read more [+]

Stock Compensation Classification & Valuation

Economy chart

Dividing stock compensation during the divorce process is one of the most complex issues clients face and it is important divorcing parties seek the proper advice and expertise.   Within this article the term “stock options” and “stock compensation” ar… Read more [+]

Date of Separation and the Mediation Process

Blonde girl and a sunflower

In some dissolutions, the date that parties separate is a crucial issue.  This is because by law, the marital ‘community’ ends on the day when parties separate.   The end of the marital community means that income earned or possibly property purchased… Read more [+]

Tools For Divorced Families

Tools For Divorced Families

The transition of divorce/separation is monumental, affecting every aspect of life and requiring attention and care to a multitude of details and variables.  Custody, visitation schedules, dividing assets, moving, deciding who gets what, sharing the ne… Read more [+]