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Be an Advocate in Divorce for Your Child

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If you are involved in a divorce involving children and you have a desire to be an advocate in divorce for your child you need to read forward because the direct, straightforward route is not the way you may think. When you get in the arena of divorce… Read more [+]

Pet Custody in California: The Insider’s Guide


I get it. I have a pet…not a dog or a cat but I love my bunny, Reggie, nonetheless. I would be sick if I lost him in some protracted divorce battle. Now, you are getting a divorce and you need to know about pet custody in California. What is going to… Read more [+]

Is Spanking Abuse? Court Rules NO!

As an attorney who has worked in both mediation and in the court system, I have seen a lot of cases where one or both parties is leveling the charge of abuse at the other parent. Sometimes, it is clear cut and obvious, other times it may not be so obvi… Read more [+]

What Are the Next Steps After Being Served Divorce Papers?

Divorce papers

You were going about your busy day and you were served divorce papers. If you didn’t know this was coming, you may be in a bit of shock and filled with a lot of sadness. If you were ready for it, simmer down and start reading. Don’t throw those papers… Read more [+]

Is there Gender Bias in the Courtroom? How can I work to eliminate it?

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When I pick topics for these blogs, I am always looking for timely issues that seem to crop up multiple times around me. Gender bias in the courtroom has appeared multiple times in the course of a couple days. Let me explain. First, I am doing my conti… Read more [+]

Domestic Violence Law Changes in California: Is Mediation warranted?

Domestic violence

One of the few instances when divorce mediation is done cautiously is when there has been a pattern of domestic violence in the relationship. Mediation is based upon the notion that both parties come to a neutral, even table. Domestic violence creates… Read more [+]

Community Property in California FAQ

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  Community property in California is defined as any asset acquired or income earned by a married person while living with a spouse. Separate property is defined as anything acquired by a spouse before the marriage, during the marriage by gift, de… Read more [+]

Is Mediation Culturally Sensitive?

In Southern California, specifically around San Diego, we come in contact with a vast diversity of cultures and practices amid our “normal” experience (whatever that is?). The courts have to process a large volume of claimants through an ever tightenin… Read more [+]

How Do We Choose A Divorce Mediator? Top 5 Tips Here

You and your spouse have made the decision you are getting a divorce. It is difficult, I know. As a divorce mediator there is a saying that “criminal courts see bad people at their best and family courts see good people at their worst.” The reason for… Read more [+]

What is Nesting? Is this option right for our divorcing family?

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Divorce is difficult under the best of circumstances. It becomes even more difficult when you add children to the equation. You are both doing the best you can under at the most stressful of times. Trying to take care of yourself during this time is ha… Read more [+]