What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is an informal, structured process for handling your divorce in which the parties involved voluntarily meet with trained and impartial mediators to resolve their dispute.

With Pacific Coast Mediation, the parties are the decision makers. The mediators do not decide the outcome, but help the parties reach their own agreement on issues of parenting plan, child support, spousal support, and the division of all property/assets/debts.

When you chose us for your divorce mediation, we guide you through a process that is structured yet informal, and 100% voluntary and confidential. Divorce mediation is a peaceful and affordable alternative to the traditional model of litigation. With the high cost of living here in San Diego, it's a logical choice

Why Mediate?

“Everyone at Pacific Coast Mediation is extremely knowledgable. They are professional, discrete and do a magnificent job working effectively with both parties. I highly recommend Pacific Coast Mediation to anyone going through a divorce.”

- Denise s., San diego

We specialize in providing confidential, fair, flexible, and mutually beneficial resolutions. At Pacific Coast Mediation, while we understand the past is what brought you here, we focus on the present and the future, using a solution oriented process. Our training and experience allows us to understand and manage complex challenges in order to heal conflicts in a balanced and judicious manner. Pacific Coast Mediation co-mediates all divorce, pre-marital, separation, marital and post-divorce mediation. That means you will receive a male and female mediator to support you in this process. We find this brings a nice balance to the process and the more brains working together the better!

Frequently asked Questions