PCM offers Divorce mediation with an Online platform:

Many clients want the convenience or have a need of doing their mediation process remotely via live video-conferencing.  Online mediation can be very beneficial for parties where one spouse (or both) is deployed or has moved out of the area.  Some parties choose online mediation when it just simply is not beneficial for them to negotiate by being in the same room.   The online platform allows the mediation to proceed with one or both of the parties who can’t be present in the office.  There is no need to miss work or schedule travel time.  With online mediation, spouses who live or work far apart can still work together in mediation to resolve their divorce and restructure their family.

Some of the benefits of live online mediation are:


Live Video Conferences using the online secure platform provided by Zoom.us to conduct your online mediation process. Your mediation process can be scheduled in the privacy of your own home or office and at times that best suit your busy schedule.  Your intake session with one of our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts will be conducted live online as well as your mediation sessions with your mediation team. The Zoom app is free to download at Zoom.us

Cost Effective

With travel time taken out of the equation, you can avoid the expense of missing work or having to hire childcare in order to meet with your Mediation team.  In addition, the Zoom platform is free to use for clients.

Easy to Use

The Zoom platform is simple and easy to use and allows you to both see your mediators while also having the flexibility to share documents or forms on screen for ease of discussion or review.