Why Mediate


You will meet in our office to discuss all the issues that need to be resolved (not in the public court room). Your financial disclosures will be kept confidential (in litigation they become public record). We go to the court house and file the documents for you. Your discussions regarding the issues that are personal and private (such as your money, parenting plan etc.) are simply discussed at the mediation table with the mediators and not in the public arena of the court room.

Saves Money

We are on average 90- 95% less expensive than litigation. According to Presiding Family Law Judge Marjorie Steinberg in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, May 4, 2008, if a couple can get a divorce for $100,000 in Los Angeles, Judge Steinberg considers that "pretty cheap." Los Angeles' then-presiding family law judge, Aviva Bobb, from a bar association meeting in September 2002 stated: "By the time we see [divorce] cases in court, most people have spent all their community assets on the divorce itself."


We offer after work appointment options if needed. We work at your pace and around your schedule.

Time Efficient

You determine the pace of the process. It's possible you can be done in a day; or if you choose you can spread your mediation sessions out. In litigation you can only move at the pace of the court's schedule, but in mediation we schedule the sessions at a time that works for everyone.

Design Your Own Agreement

You decide what is important to you; there is no need to stick only to legal issues. For example, in a divorce mediation, you can discuss how new dating partners will be presented to the kids - the courts would not discuss this topic.


Mediation has the flexibility to set up interim agreements which can be revisited if something is not working. For instance, in a divorce, try a parenting plan for a month and then re-convene to discuss options.


We handle your divorce process in a private and respectful environment. Divorce is never easy but we can support you in crafting an agreement that represents your unique relationship and family while encouraging you to stay future focused. When children are involved we promote a child-centered decision making process.

Speak From Your Perspective

In court you are told who will talk and when. In mediation both parties get a chance to make clear their point of view

Focus on the future

In mediation you will discuss all the issues that need to be resolved in order to focus on the future. Mediation is a time to find realistic solutions that work for all parties; build stability for your children, plan and anticipate the future, and move past old problems.

No court appearance needed

You won't need to appear in the public court house; we will file everything for you.

Less Stress

We take care of all the drafting and filing of the legal documents from the initial court documents to the final MSA and judgment documents. You do not have to spend the emotional time and energy on figuring out the forms or going to court.

Choice of mediators

You can select the mediator who is the right fit for your needs; in court you are assigned a judge and have no control over who that will be.