I have a terrible habit I have to admit to you. I love television. I grew up in the 1980s. What can I say? That is why I get excited when I see a new show on television and especially excited when it is  in our industry. A “Divorce” TV show has me intrigued. You?

So, even if a “Divorce” TV show sounds….well depressing? This one doesn’t seem to be. I didn’t even have to read two paragraphs into the storyline and I was hooked.

Top reasons to check out the new HBO “Divorce” TV show

  1. It stars Sarah Jessica Parker: She is a sell, period….from Hocus Pocus to Footloose to Sex in the City, she is incredible. The fact that the show starred such a cool gal gave me pause for the next point.
  2. It isn’t all miserable: Yes, that needs to be said, especially with a show about divorce. The plot follows Frances and Robert, a middle aged couple with two children as they figure their way through this murky water, called divorce. A “Divorce” TV show may be drama material. Turns out, it is also a comedy.
  3. It gives a real look at a family in breakdown. SJP said she took inspiration from War of the Roses. Remember that really unbelievably nasty movie with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner? Me too, great acting…. but, some things you can never unsee.
  4. This is by far the best reason to check out HBO’s new “Divorce” TV show….They mediate. What a coup in a world full of divisiveness and discord. And…even amidst the discord ripe in this show, the characters are supposedly going to go through the entire mediation process for us to witness.

You all will need to check out the show and then check back with the blog. We will have to check back in to see how close this new show mirrors reality. I can’t wait!